Soap Making Advice: learn how to make soap at home

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Do you want to learn how to make soap at home?

Hi, my name is Michelle Gaboya. I am a consummate soap making enthusiast and I’ve been creating beautiful homemade soaps for about 10 years. Through the years of research, practice, and experimentation, I’ve become sort of an authority on Soap Making and have found the answers to some of the trickier aspects of the art.

I had been asked many times by other enthusiasts to share my knowledge but I was reluctant at first. Why should I let go of the expertise and secrets that I myself had put in so much effort to obtain? Wouldn’t I then lose my “expert" status? And, even if I put aside this selfish pride of mine, how does one begin to channel a decade’s worth of experience into a few books and such?

Then, I realize… I have been sharing my so called “secrets" all along! – just not in formal ways. I often teach my children and my friends how to make soap as well; and when I see in their faces the same kind of wonder and joy that I feel when I have finally mastered a new soap recipe or design for the first time, how I wish I could help them to continue to experience such pleasure day after day!

A Little History...

YOU SEE…..People have been making soap for thousands of years. Soap recipes have been found that date back to the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Babylonians. The early American colonists handmade soap from wood ashes, water, and the fat of the animals that they butchered for food.

Today, many people still enjoy making their own soap from scratch. With today’s technology, soap making is easier than ever before… and it can also be lots of fun!

Getting started isn’t as difficult as you might think. Many of the materials you need are items that you already have in your home; the rest are readily available online, and at craft stores.


“I have purchased quite a few soap making books, but none were like this one.”

“This has everything I need all in one place, so I don’t have to keep a stack of books next to me while I make my soap – I only need this one! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who didn’t want, or needs, an entire library of soap making literature.”

Dorienne W.
Whitman, USA

“I had never tried soap making before, and I didn’t think that any single book would give me all of the information I needed”

“But I was wrong. I found everything to get me started, from explanations of the different methods to basic soap making recipes to more advanced information that helped me as I went along. It never leaves my side when I’m making a batch!”

Paul S.,
South Easton, USA

“What I really like about this book is that it’s written so that everyone can understand it”

“Some of the things I’ve read are dumbed-down too much, and others are so technical that beginners wouldn’t be able to use it at all. This one is a great mix, and useful for people of all different skill and knowledge levels.”

Nikky W.

“I never expected to get so much information in what, I thought, was a beginner’s guide”

“The glossary came in handy when I was reading other soap making materials, and I would buy this book just for the charts – they’re a great quick-reference guide for when I’m in the middle of a project! I never thought soap making could be this easy.”

Dorienne W.
Bridgewater, US

Why Has Soap Making Become Such a Popular Hobby?

Making soap at home appeals to a variety of people, for a variety of reasons.

Environmentally conscious people find soap making to be a rewarding activity, because it enables them to rest easy with the knowledge that their products are all-natural, and no harmful byproducts were created in making the soap. Those with sensitive skin can stop searching for specialty products which are often expensive, and difficult to find. Many people create soap to sell at craft fairs and flea markets, for extra money. Some people just find soap-making to be relaxing and fun!

The Soap Making Made Easy Ebook package will give you all of the necessary information to jump-start you in the process of making your own soap, at home!

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