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If you’ve gone through our Free Soap Making Mini Course, you would have seen the serious amount of information and expert knowledge that we have to share with you. These Ebooks have an incredible amount of information covering all aspects of the soap making process, that you will want to keep by your side every step of the way.

Not only that, but they are available for ALL major Ebook reading platforms! You can download the books as a PDF, .mobi for your Amazon Kindle, .epub for iBooks on your iPhone or iPad, your Sony, Barnes and Noble, Kobo ereader devices and all other major platforms (Click here for more details).

You can purchase the books directly through these major platforms, but you will always get the cheapest, most comprehensive deal right here – the only place we offer a discount package, and multiple Ebook formats for the same price!

Comprehensive Package – All 3 Ebooks, all the info & a big saving!

As an exclusive for purchasing direct through us, you’ll get all 3 books and a big saving over the individual prices – that plus you will have ALL the information you need to get started with making soap at home. Get Soap Making: A Quick Guide, Soap Recipes and Soap Making Made Easy for a comprehensive soap making experience. Everything you need to get started making soap at home, or makes a great gift for friends and family who are interested in soap making as a hobby. See below for information on each of the titles included in this package.

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Soap Making Quick Guide

Soap Making: A Quick Guide:

A summary of the most important aspects of making soap at home, covering all the basics. Handy to use as a quick reference guide. Based on the comprehensive Ebook Soap Making Made Easy.

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Package 2: Only $2.99

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Soap Recipes

Soap Recipes:

A detailed and easy to follow recipe book with more than 50 unique recipes, from cold process soaps, to melt and pour soap, shampoo soaps, liquid soaps, exfoliating soaps and many more.

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Package 3: Only $4.99

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Soap Making Made Easy

Soap Making Made Easy:

A comprehensive soap making guide, with over 80 pages of useful tips and advice covering all aspects of the soap making process.

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Package 4: Only $9.99

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These Ebooks will teach you:

  1. What soap is, and how it works,
  2. The history of soap-making,
  3. The differences between hand-made and commercial soap, and the benefits of making your own,
  4. Tips for beginners,
  5. Sample recipes,
  6. Over 50 unique soap recipes (in the Soap Recipes Ebook),
  7. Tips for selecting a recipe,
  8. The basic equipment you’ll need,
  9. Precautions for working with lye,
  10. How to make bar and liquid soap, using step-by-step instructions for various popular methods – find the one that works best for you!,
  11. How to select the ingredients you want to use, based on the properties they will impart to the finished soap product,
  12. How to color and scent your soap,
  13. How to troubleshoot various problems that might arise,
  14. Ways to package and present your soap,
  15. How to get started with selling your soap for a profit,

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