Gain the satisfaction of doing it yourself

Gain the satisfaction of making your own soap at home
The latest in our series of soap making inspiration: Are you tired of the lack of variety offered by commercial soap products? Do you want to express your creativity while making a product that is practical and useful? We all know the good feeling you get and sense of achievement from creating something yourself - learn how to make your own soap at home and all you need to get started at our free blog Read more

How To Make Homemade Soap

How To Make Homemade Soap – It’s easier than you think Why make your own natural soap? Making your own all natural soap is a very easy and also beneficial. The differences between handmade and store-bought soaps are quite vast. Instead of using your preferred all natural oils that help balance skin moisture, commercially bought soaps add animal fat and synthetic chemicals to substitute them. It is also interesting to note that the cost to make homemade soap is actually lower than Read more

Which Soap Making Colorants Do You Choose?

Soap Making Colorants—which one to choose? There are several different soap colorants today that are available for soap makers. Natural soap making colorants are more favored by expert soap makers as it is much safer to use. For example, saffron can give your soap a yellowish glow. Indigo root can be used to give your soap a deep blue color and Moroccan red clay can be used to give your soap a brick red color. If you prefer using synthetic colorants, there are a variety of choices Read more