The Basic Soap Making Ingredients

Soap Making Basics: Soap Ingredients
Soap making is one of the most rewarding hobbies today. And Using The Correct Soap Making Ingredients is important to your success. This article is a very brief explanation of the ingredients needed to make soap at home - for our full, comprehensive breakdown on soap making ingredients please click here to learn more. Soap making: it’s not only fun but also when it is done with friends and family, can be a very memorable experience. It’s simple It’s easy and can bring  friends and family Read more

Lye Soap Making

This article briefly explains the properties of lye and the importance for lye as part of the soap making process. Please click here to read our full, comprehensive article on soap making with lye, including a free basic soap recipe, or to learn more about homemade soap download our free soap making guide. You may have asked this before, what exactly is lye? Lye is a caustic alkaline chemical that dissolves substances like fat, and has a high degree of reactivity with other materials. It Read more