All natural, all the time

Soap making: All natural, all the time
The latest in our series of soap making inspiration: Have you ever wondered why commercial soaps can leave your skin feeling DRY, IRRITATED and ITCHY? Are you concerned about the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT of commercial soap making processes and products? Making your own soap at home can ensure control over the quality of the ingredients and is a more environmentally friendly option for you and your family. Learn more and get started on our free blog at Read more

Making natural soap colorant from red onions

Recently we received a question from one of our newsletter subscribers (sign up with the form just to the right) regarding making a natural soap colorant with red onion skins: Hello, I tried your recipe for making red dye from red onion skins; however, the liquid dye smells of onions. Is there something I can add besides fragrance to eliminate the odor? Thanks for your help. Here was our response, which we wanted to share with all of you, if you are interested in experimenting with natural soap colorants. Hi Read more

Soap Making History – Where It All Began

The Soap Making History dates and stretches far back! The origin of cleanliness dates back to prehistoric times. The earliest people then know that water has cleansing properties.  They didn’t know just yet about soap. The early Greeks bathed for aesthetic reasons, and apparently, not with soap.  They cleaned their bodies with blocks of clay, sand, pumice and ashes. Clothes were washed without soap in streams. The ancient Egyptians also bathed regularly. They combined animal Read more

Lye Soap Making

This article briefly explains the properties of lye and the importance for lye as part of the soap making process. Please click here to read our full, comprehensive article on soap making with lye, including a free basic soap recipe, or to learn more about homemade soap download our free soap making guide. You may have asked this before, what exactly is lye? Lye is a caustic alkaline chemical that dissolves substances like fat, and has a high degree of reactivity with other materials. It Read more