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Hi everyone,

This is a bit of a different post from our usual articles here on the Soap Making Advice blog to give an update of what’s going to be happening in the near future.

We haven’t added much in the way of new information here for some time, but that is all about to change!

In the next month or so, we are going to relaunch the blog and look to publish new articles on a regular basis. We are also relaunching our book so now is a great time to get a good deal.

For the blog, we will be adding new information as well as looking to cover current and future trends, plus get a little more into the social side of soap making – getting involved in local communities, feedback on various soap making techniques, etc.

We would love to hear any readers stories if you have used our book to create soaps, sold them at local markets, favourite recipes, or anything else you want to share.

If you have a story and would like to share it with our readers, please contact us here.

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